Your website is down. Think about it for a minute. Your website is down. What’s the impact?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year saw the downing of several big name websites including Target, Nieman Marcus, Newegg, and Walmart. How much money do you suppose was lost for those companies?

Millions. Many. There are a variety of factors that led to those websites going down, many of which may have been out of their control. Some of them however were preventable. A few key lessons to be learned. Performance Test
Some companies simply don’t do performance testing. Some think their vendor does it, some think their server farm is up to the job, and some just don’t think it’s a priority. Until they are losing money – many times the cost of performance testing evaporating every hour that site is down. Not to mention the brand impact in today’s immediate feedback cycle on social media. In today’s economy performance testing is a priority. Period. Use the tools, and the right team
There are many tools available to conduct performance testing and monitor your website. The tools are there, and a number of them are free. All you need is the team in place to use them. The right team isn’t the developer that has an extra 20 hours on his or her hands. The right team is a knowledgeable team that does this every day and knows the ins and outs of performance testing. Think Big
Estimate your peak load. Then double it. And angela chan chair in global management at haas and served term paper writer as acting dean from 2004-2005. Then double that. These are big sites with sophisticated teams. Sometimes the load is just more than anyone anticipated. Performance testing allows you to load test (set a goal and test against it), stress (keep going until it breaks), and endurance test (sustained load). All three of these are important in keeping a website up through big traffic events. We advocate for a web that is accessible and provides a good user experience. That starts with a website that performs. We help people make sure that it will. Get started by checking out our , including a performance testing checklist and.