Devops is a culture, a collaboration between development, operations, business, and others in the organization. It is an idea that emphasizes efficiency, continuity, and certainty.

Automation is one of the key pillars of Devops. The automation of software development, delivery, and testing empowers teams to focus energy on design, experience, and results and less on repetitive tasks.

Test Automation not only enables teams to focus more energy on more important disciplines, but also contributes to the certainty and continuity of the DevOps principles. While manual test creation is a crucial component of testing, test execution is limited to the number of hours and resources available. With Test automation test coverage can be expanded exponentially while still saving time and money. The ability to automate the testing process ensures that continuous delivery while maintaining test execution certainty is possible.

While Test Automation is a complex subject, there is a very much a method to the madness. Sound automation is based on sound test cases, a well thought out architecture and a culture of collaboration. It is scalable, flexible, and understandable.

The benefits of test automation are significant. Once automation is in place the team can focus more energy on delivery and less on worrying about defects, coverage is expanded, and releases are efficient and effective.

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