Leadership Team


Dave Steingart

President & CEO
Dave has been a part of SWAT Solutions since its formation in 1997.  Under Dave’s leadership, SWAT has grown into the market leader for Quality Assurance by focusing on customer needs and providing consultant services…

John Fox

Executive Vice President
John has acquired over 25 years of experience in the software industry while working for several prominent Twin Cities companies such as Unisys, Young America Corp, and Wilson Learning. John was also a co-founder of…

Nick Roseth

Chief Operations Officer
Nick is a passionate technology leader focused on building solutions at the intersection of business, technology and creative solutions. As Chief Operations Officer, Nick’s role at SWAT is to deliver the best possible solutions to…

Richard Burton

QA Solutions Architect
Richard Burton, QA Solutions Architect, is responsible for the company’s new growth plans that include designing test matrices and processes for wireless technologies, 64bit architecture, security applications and web applications. Prior to joining SWAT in…