Test Automation for Tomorrow’s Technology

Measurable Results

Speed to Market

Speed to market is critical in today’s economy. Test automation integrated with agile development speeds up time to market while maintaining a quality product.

Increase Test Coverage

Test automation facilitates extensive regression and compatibility testing with the click of a button that may otherwise be too expensive to conduct during the development cycle. This helps catch bugs early and avoid wasted development time.

Save Time + Money

Test automation is an investment that continually delivers value to the project while saving time and money throughout the project lifecycle by reducing test execution from hours to minutes.

How it Works


Discovery starts with understanding existing technology, process, and goals. Every company is different, every team is unique, and every project is distinct. Our team takes a structured approach to understand all factors before fusing the existing factors with best practices.


Next step is to build the automation framework and test cases. Once our team understands the project goals and technologies we get to work on selecting the framework, technologies, and strategy that best work for the desired outcomes


Once the technology is set up, we dig into scripting the test cases. The test automation team is tied closely to the full development team to ensure efficiency and communication throughout the project.

Execute and Report

Once the framwork is set up, test scripts are written, and scripting is complete our team will get into the automation execution. Building test caess, scripting, execution, and measurement happen throughout the project during each sprint cycle.



From user interface testing to back-end service testing. Test automation streamlines the quality process at all levels.


Test automation is not limited to web. Mobile test automation and service layer testing provides extensive test coverage on mobile and tablet devices.


Desktop applications, including those connected to the web, can be automated and significantly reduce time to market.


SWAT Test Automation is built using industry-leading technologies and languages. Our team uses tools and methodologies that are efficient, scalable, and customizable to fit our clients needs.


Selenium is the leading Test Automation platform on the market today. We are excited about this tool set for it’s technical depth, community support, low costs, and scalability.


Appium makes testing native, mobile web, and hybrid mobile app testing a reality. Our automation team uses the latest in industry standards to effectively and efficiently automate mobile applications of all kinds.


Reporting key metrics is a key component to test automation. Frameworks like TestNG report on a variety of measurements in automation that allow your team to see progress and track efficiency.


Build automation streamlines the project build and integrates test automation right into the build process. Tools like Maven allow your team to automatically build the project, test it and report any issues, saving time and ensuring a quality product.



Our extensive experience in test automation delivery brings with it significant value to any project. This technical expertise founded on QA fundamentals is a major reason our clients choose to partner with SWAT.


Speed to market is critical in today’s economy. Test automation integrated with agile development speeds up time to market while maintaining a quality product.

Proven Technology

SWAT has a proven test automation solution for all types of applications. Our primary technology stack is based on a Selenium architecture, but our staff is well versed in TestComplete, QTP, CodedUI, and many more.

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Test Automation Checklist

Be prepared
Use our checklist to prepare for Test Automation in our easy-to-read Whitepaper.

Test Automation Checklist
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Moving to Selenium

Considerations for the trip
Learn what to consider when moving from another automation platform to Selenium.

Moving to Selenium
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Test Automation ROI

A Brief Case Study
Learn about how one company calculated the ROI for Test Automation.

Test Automation ROI
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